Saturday, December 10, 2011

One Last Shipment...

This Just In!!!
One last shipment from Archipelago & K. Hall

Wow! How busy I have been! STILL no time for Pinterest! Meanwhile, my daughters are telling me what they find on it....maybe if they helped more, I might be able to squeeze a little time in on there too! That being said, I have lots of good things to say about the girls today.

First of all, Shawna (12 1/2) took FIRST PLACE...OVERALL, in FOUR events at her horse competition this weekend!!! Now, I realize that this may come across as bragging, but "It Is What It IS"!!!! She competed in a 15 and under class. Rumor has it that she beat several of the older girls in the 17 and under class as well! Awesome job Shawna and Annie!

Next, would be Jessica. She is doing SO well in school and has a lot of fun at her new job at Arby's.

This photo was taken on my dad's birthday. Dad, Dara (19), my mom, and Jess (17) with her new painting.

Have to post a couple of Dara's paintings....just because I think that they are


This one was painted for Jess after she recently dyed her natural blonde hair to RED!

The 2 little human thumbs belong to Jess, as she is holding it.

The pics are a little blury, but I still wanted to post them.

I have to send a very heartfelt thank you out to all of you that have been giving advice on different locations for our screen door. So far, we checked out Iowa and Idaho. Love, LOVED Iowa (Iowa City with our O'Rourke girls)...However, their winters are so very cold and those TORNADOES! It is hard to tell if it was that amazing, or was it the company that we were with? Then, we were off to Idaho...Boise...yeah...we just didn't "feel" it. Next, we will be going to Oregon. We will visit Mary K and she will be telling us where we need to go and check out.

We Welcome ALL Advice for Locations!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


OMPinterest!!!!!!  Ok, so apparently I have been working WAY-HAY too much!!!!  I was informed that there is this "Pinterest" world out there...and THEN???!!!! I didn't have internet access all weekend except for on my Smart Phone....Desperate times call for desperate measures....Hopefully, I haven't suffered any permanent eye damage. HELLLOOO???!!! Right away, I noticed that a few of my most Favoritest people are on there!!!  Thanks alot girls!!! That's ok, my new friend, Amanda, from North Dakota, hooked me up, showed me the sight, and got me addicted.  I don't even know how to use it...but imma doin it!!! Not sure of what I'm doing, however, I am definitely liking what I see. Now, I have to admit...I did not take Any of these photos...but just wanted to give ya a lil peek.

As for my "quest"...well, its 5:40 pm and My girl is ready to leave since we already closed 10 minutes ago...oh, and because Riley is gone...funny how as soon as there is nothing in it for them, they're outta here!!!

I did notice that there are some comments on here though...wowzers, news is spreading quickly! I think that my good friend Kay Ellen had a little to do with that though. Thanks Kay! I will try my best to reply and stop by some new blogs tomorrow.

Have a Great Night

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Quest for a Screen Door that Slams..., for some people, this is a repeat. However, "I" could NOT locate the blog on, I switched to Blogspot!

Welcome! So, wow!! After working so many hours trying to make the look of this new blog simple, yet inviting, I have to ponder for a moment. I'm not sure where to start! Of course, I couldn't just select a "template"...I mean, my goodness! And? Of course, I cannot resist throwing a photo in here.

4 Susan Brown copy

Welp, this blog is to journal My Quest for a Screen Door that Slams...let's not forget, lemonade in Mason jars, a front porch swing, my very own apple tree for apple pie making, little white cotton curtains that blow gently in the wind, etc...  Where shall I go and what shall I do after living in the Miserable desert for ELEVEN years and owning my own business for eight years? At this moment, I honestly don't know where I want to go, OR where I want to be. I am very open to what is about to come my way. How about a little sweet treat?

Strawberry 1 copy

Although I loathe living in the desert, I have met so many wonderful people. So now, that my life is about to change drastically, there are many that are curious where I will end up and what will I be doing once I get there. Thus, this blog. I hope to let everyone know what's going on in my life and in return, I will hopefully know what is going on in your lives as well.
After owning my own business for over eight years, I have decided against renewing my lease. Instead, I feel it is time for me to move on and start a new chapter of my life. As I learn what is coming my way, I will post and try to keep up with all that's going on.
Keeping it short and sweet for the beginning....

Smores003 copy

Have a good weekend!