Tuesday, November 15, 2011


OMPinterest!!!!!!  Ok, so apparently I have been working WAY-HAY too much!!!!  I was informed that there is this "Pinterest" world out there...and THEN???!!!! I didn't have internet access all weekend except for on my Smart Phone....Desperate times call for desperate measures....Hopefully, I haven't suffered any permanent eye damage. HELLLOOO???!!! Right away, I noticed that a few of my most Favoritest people are on there!!!  Thanks alot girls!!! That's ok, my new friend, Amanda, from North Dakota, hooked me up, showed me the sight, and got me addicted.  I don't even know how to use it...but imma doin it!!! Not sure of what I'm doing, however, I am definitely liking what I see. Now, I have to admit...I did not take Any of these photos...but just wanted to give ya a lil peek.

As for my "quest"...well, its 5:40 pm and My girl is ready to leave since we already closed 10 minutes ago...oh, and because Riley is gone...funny how as soon as there is nothing in it for them, they're outta here!!!

I did notice that there are some comments on here though...wowzers, news is spreading quickly! I think that my good friend Kay Ellen had a little to do with that though. Thanks Kay! I will try my best to reply and stop by some new blogs tomorrow.

Have a Great Night

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  1. OMP... Now you will NEVER get off the computer Anita.
    When I need a lift. I go to PINTEREST.
    HAVE fun
    Love Claudie
    P.S. You don't have to have word verification with blogger, they cover the spam for you. I've never had a problem. Just so you know. xo